The Doll Project- Project Sunshine & Textile Museum of Canada
March 2019

Nostalgia 2.0
This project invited various artists to create Surgi Dolls which were apart of a live auction to 
generate money towards Project Sunshine.

My Doll, Nostalgia 2.0, is centered aound the doll being a symbol of comfort and nostalgia. It can embody the height of ones imagination & a strong feeling of familiarity. My Doll possess’ qualities of fantasy & curiosity I would have as a child & still feel. With our imagination alive, we are constantly growing! 

Hand-beaded sequins on layers of dyed silk organza created the layers that wrapped the doll in its concept

Ironing the colour palette

Materials used- Silk & Polyester Organza, Silk, Fiber Reactive Dyes, Cotton yarns/threads, metallic threads, glass/metal beads, mirror &
plastic sequins

Close-up of hand-stitched text

Nostalgia 2.0 was completely hand-stitched

Hand-stitched collages

Live Auction Event- April 11th 2019
The Textile Museum of Canada

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