Surface Pattern

Forest Chintz
A series of Chintz inspired prints
Handprinted / Digital- series


Picnic Ghingham Starting with a watercolour painting, this Surface Pattern has been digitally translated to express the theme of a party ghingham print, full of excitement!

Marigold Series


Aqua Floral


Vintage Garden- Digital print

Blushed Blooms
A romantic floral



Leaf Toss Print

Lavender Marble






As painting is the starting point for almost all my work, I identify as a painter & here are some of my most treasured pieces

Dream Flora 2019
Acrylic & digital painting

Purple Vines 2017
watercolour painting

Warped 2019
watercolour, alcohol inks

Diwali 2017
acrylic & gouache, silver Molotow pen on canvas

Summer 2019
acrylic & gouache

Cyan Flora 2019
Acrylic/Digital Painting

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